Piet Henning
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Raw material optimization

Better utilization






Fixed Mandrel Filament winding

Continues Winding (Dröstholm or other) Technology

Fittings manufacturing

Polymer concrete - continues casting Technology

Any software requirements you may have to assist in your production or commercial activities.

Production Screen capture software - for looking back what happened, especially last night.

Planning a new factory

Getting quotations

Compare quotations

Manage commissioning

Start-up management






Your equipment must last a lifetime.  30+ years are easily reached IF you do proper maintenance.  Maintenance on a winder includes the following:

·         Maintenance database software -no capital outlay required

·         Database optimization: Plan the right schedules for the different parts of the winder and auxiliary equipment

·         Execution of maintenance plan: Plan the work - then work the plan

·         Spare parts management


Your workers are your biggest asset.

·         Understand the GRP technology they use for making pipes or other products

·         They must be able to manage the process

·         They must manage the workers that make pipe

·         They must maintain the machines

·         Much more............

·         Piet Henning can train them to achieve the above.  Please note he wrote a book on management that is targeted at factory floor managers.  See www.ManagementOne.biz



Technology advances and the winding machine must be able to produce faster and with better efficiencies. Upgrades include the following:

·         Choppers: Reduce blade brakes and wind-ups

·         Exit head optimization: Reduce stress in the steel band and reduce breaks.  Reduce steel band cuts in liner

·         Mixing tank optimization

·         Sand box: Preheat sand to improve wet-out, speed up production and reduce resin

·         Plant upgrades as per your needs

·         Much more............