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Born: South African, 1960.  Mechanical Eng 1984. Married and healthy. 







Petra Technical Services (Pty)Ltd
From  2014
Owner, Managing Director, Consultant, Design engineer

 and Process

General engineering.  We specialize in solving problems and designs where off-the-shelf solutions do not fit.  We design, develop and test innovative solutions for all kinds of industries -- air ventilation, production, insect breeding etc.

Technobell Technologies
(Koper, Slovenia)

 20 Dec 2012 to

 20 October 2014

Project Manager

GRP pipe making technology.
Designed a ND 250-1200 (can be to 1400) CFW winder.
Development, support, design, process, technology for DFW and CFW, Tanks.

PH Henning Consulting

(Strand, South Africa) 

15 March 2012 to 19 Dec 2012.

Owner and any position the client asked for.

Consulting on all the technologies mentioned below.

Management consulting.

Consulting to GRP technology company with regards to process,  machines and software.

Published a book that I wrote earlier: ManagementOne.

VEM Technology (Pty)Ltd

VEM S.p.A. and PH Henning

(Somerset West, South Africa)

Aug 2007 to Dec 2011. 

The company was closed by VEM, the main shareholder because of the economy.

Partner and Managing Director

Winder development and Technical support

Management, R&D and improvement on winding and related machines including the Lamella winder, Consulting to VEM.  Problem solving and commissioning of large diameter Pipe winders.

Developed the following technologies:

Continues Winder upgrade: Improvements or recommendations to winder and process.

Sand Premix:   Apply  a mixed sand and resin core in the pipe on a continues winding process.

Lamellare winder:  Developed and build first production winder for VEM.  This winder is in Brasil and doing well.

VEM S.p.A.
(San Gorgio di Nogaro. Italy + Qingdao, China)

(Actually employed by Milehigh Ltd, a company of VEM in London)

Jan 2006 to August 2007

Consultant and Technical manager (2006 China)
Development of LAM
(2007 Italy)

Development and production of continues and discontinues GRP pipe machines

VEM Spa Italy:  R&D on Winding machines, Staff training, advising on all aspects of GRP technology, particularly the process and winder optimization.

VEM Qingdao China: Manage all aspects of setting up the manufacturing of machines in China, manage the translation and modification of drawings to Chinese standards and materials. Note that the poor quality Hydro testers were NOT made under my supervision.  It was done after I left China.

Amitech South Africa(Pty)Ltd

(Johannesburg, South Africa)

2001 to 2005

Factory Manager and Engineering Manager

Pipe manufacturing

GRP(Sarplast), GRP(Flowtite), PVC, HDPE

Set up factory for GRP functions from empty shell to full production.  Rebuild Flowtite GRP Winding machine from scrap.  Move Sarplast plant from CPT to JHB.  Manage factory and GRP production for 1 year and all Engineering from Nov 2002 for GRP (Flowtite and Sarplast technologies), PVC and HDPE. Manage and design upgrades to Flowtite equipment. Staff training and motivation.

Self employed project
(Gaborone, Botswana)



GRP R&D, Plant design

Develop and qualify GRP hot water cylinder production facility for a company in Botswana.  This included the winder and other machines, training and much more.

Flowtite Botswana (Pty)Ltd formally Owens-Corning Pipe Botswana (Pty) Ltd
(Gaborone, Botswana)

August 1997 to 2001.

Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Glass reinforced polyester Pipe manufacturing

Manage staff, Eng and maintenance programs,

Modify and improve plant, train staff (all aspects of process)

Designed and manufactured engineering solutions for problems arising e.g. waste-water cleaning plant,

Work with Technology dept in Norway.  Give suggestions to improve technology.  Manage IT, NT4 server and mail server.


Somchem (Pty) Ltd
(Somerset West, South Africa)


Business unit:

Vectus Pipes (1992-1997)



Composites (1989-1992)

September 1989 to July 1997

Development Engineer, Senior Technician

Glass reinforced polyester Pipe manufacturing, Epoxy winding of rocket motors and other defense items

Commissioning of Sarplast plant with Sarplast Technology staff. Programming of CNC production machines. Maintenance management: Plant breakdowns and emergency repairs. Plant modifications. Tooling design, procurement for mandrills, special tools and jigs. Technical support for all GRP products and designs. Problem solving for all aspects of plant and products. Development of marketing and estimating software in Windows.

Was part of a 6 month project with Coopers & Lybrand Business re-engineering team to re-engineer Somchem.