You have a nice bike, but the road brings you pain
                                      THE SOLUTION IS HERE
        Designed, tried, tested and approved solution
                                           Butt-Saver lets you ride for hours

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Butt-Saver was developed in South Africa by an Engineer and a Physiotherapist to solve the problem of sore butts for riders of dual purpose and narrow saddle bikes once and for all.

Butt-Saver fits most dual purpose bikes:
BMW GS models,
and more (contact support to find out about your bike)


Did you notice that dual purpose bikes are advertised with the rider STANDING?
It is because by the time they are happy with the shots his butt is so sore he cannot sit any more.


Our address:
STRAND, Western Cape.


Butt-Saver was tested by WOEMA, the Afrikaans bike magazine. See the September issue, page 62.

Support and Order information